Frequently Asked Questions

The world of credit card processing is confusing. Our service isn’t. Check below to have your questions answered.

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How do I get started with Scopifi?

To get started, all we need is the last 3 statements from your merchant processor sent to We’ll conduct an analysis and benchmarking of your rates without cost or obligation.

What does Scopifi's service cost?

There is no fixed cost to our service. The only thing we bill for is a percentage of the savings we secure for you. So if you don’t save money, you don’t owe us anything.

How does Scopifi's service work?

We conduct a detailed analysis of your recent merchant statements and identify areas of potential savings based on key factors and benchmarking. We then secure savings on your merchant processing on your behalf with little to no work on your end. We continue protecting you against rate hikes by monitoring your statements every month and sending you an in-depth analysis of what we find.

We are satisfied with our current processor. Do we have to change processors?

We respect the relationship you have with your current processor, so we will help you work with them in order to secure more favorable rates for your company.

Will this upset my processor?

No. As the customer in the relationship with your processor, you have every right to ask them for the best rates that they can provide. If they can raise rates without telling you, why shouldn’t you be able to work with them to lower rates?

Why Scopifi?

With Scopifi, you’re not just getting a short term cost reduction. You’re bringing on a partner who will keep costs lowered in the long term and will be there for your business to provide guidance on all matters involving credit card acceptance. Our combination of technology and industry expertise assures that your business will maximize savings.