Square, a popular Point of Sales provider and merchant processor, announced last week that their standard rates would change from 2.75% to 2.6% + $.10 on November 1. This rate change will have a big impact on over 2 million merchants nationwide that use Square to collect the majority of their revenue.

On the surface, this change might sound like a positive one because the discount rate on sales volume is shrinking by .15%. However, a lot of Square’s merchants are in the retail or restaurant industries and have a low average transaction total. This means that the addition of a transaction fee of $.10 is much more significant than the decrease in discount rate.

For example, if a merchant’s average transaction size is $15, they would be paying $.41 per transaction under the old plan. Under the new plan, the same merchant would pay $.49. That’s a cost increase of almost 20% with Square’s rate change. If that average transaction size is $5, as is the case with many coffee shops, the increase in fees is just shy of 67%. This isn’t just a marginal change, but a major detriment to many businesses.

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